I love bird watching, finding bird nests, and bird feathers.
I am positive I inherited this from my Dad.
I will have to post some pictures of his awesome
bird house collection sometime.
Dad also builds his own bird houses & feeders. 

Here are a couple of nests I have found recently...

This one I found today abandoned in one of our bird houses. 
It is so cute and little. It had a couple of hatched eggs in it

This one I found a couple of weeks ago in my tool shed
in an old planter. It had a few hatched eggs in it. It was
built on top of an older nest with more hatched eggs and 
one tiny unhatched egg.

What a great use I found for Martha's Homekeeping Handbook!
I actually did read this book when my Dad gave it to my sister and me
a few years ago (still not sure WHY he felt the need to give it to us???).
Martha helped me to shine some really old bathroom tile.
I do truly love Martha...despite her well, how to put it,
not as charming qualities