First Week, whew!

thanks for the overwhelming response to our new site!
our first shipments are going out tomorrow and
we could not be happier with comments & orders received!

yes, busy...very busy!
but the sun is shining here
weather is perfect
azaleas are in full bloom (my favorite are the big bubblegum pink ones...
what are yours?)
thankfully our studio has a door to let the 
fresh air & sunshine in,
while our tunes linger out

yes, we work out of a studio here in the
sunny South.
no...we are not a boutique
we do however have a few shops, and plans in the works to have more,
that do carry our please stay tuned

studio a BIG mess...lots of thoughts recently how to 
reorganize and regroup to make 
workflow smoother

apprentice #1 with BIG ideas of his own...
looks like next up on our line of fresh, new designs will be
a robot! 
yes, be the first to hear it here y'all...
looks like it will be a blue robot with orange lines 
specific instructions from apprentice #1..."where blue is, fill that space with all blue" 
"light bulbs for ears."
now you see it for yourselves, 
how some of our inspiration happens...

be sure to keep in touch.
Back Yard Baby is just getting started!