so i was cooking dinner last night
as i was prepping our fried okra
i started thinking about my mom's fried okra,
as i usually do when i make this seasonal dish 
a couple of time a summer,
my mom's fried okra has always been 
my all time favorite food! ever since i can remember
maybe a little unusual for a child's favorite food?
well, her's rocks!
& as far as i can remember, it is the only thing that she has ever fried
you would think...fried chicken, fried shrimp, 
fried onion rings...maybe?
nope...just fried okra

so, when i got married, our first summer together,
i wanted to show off one night and make 
a delicious, fresh, summer, farmer's market meal for my sweet hubby:

fried okra, silver queen corn, ripe sliced tomatoes,
lady peas, and boiled squash with onions

i had never made fried okra before
but i have seen her make it a hundred times
so i just experimented a little and...
walla! it was deliciousa!!!
maybe even better than moms! (luvyamom!)

recipe for 2 adults and 2 small children:
fresh okra / 2 or 3 handfuls of medium size...better smaller than larger)
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar (my secret ingredient)
lots of black pepper
 tsp or so of salt 
pinch of cayenne pepper
peanut oil

• wash fresh okra and chop into 1/2 inch or slightly smaller pieces
• put all ingredients in large ziplock or tupperware container
• shake gently to coat
• in medium sized frying pan pour a little less than 
1/2 inch of peanut oil
• bring to medium heat
• test oil by putting one piece of prepared okra in center of pan,
when it bubbles, the heat is at the correct temp
• gently place prepared okra to line the bottom of pan
(check top photo above...you will probably have to fry 2 batches)
• turning every so often, bring to a toasty golden brown 
(as shown in bottom picture above)


yummy yummy!
the trick is that it is not "breaded" or "squooshy" 
like the frozen kind
the added sugar gives it even more "crunch"

first time i made this dinner for hubby: "is there a meat?"
me: "the peas are your protein"
him: "oh, ok"

it is not that he was being ungrateful,
i honestly do not think he had ever had a dinner 
(or supper, as i like to call it)
without meat!

he loved it!

except, to this day he will not put squash past his lips!
man, this is hard, because i really like it 
but don't like cooking it just for 1

got our youngest to love my fried okra last night!
oldest wouldn't put it past his lips...
i will turn him into a fried okra lover before long though
& hubby will try & like squash one of these days!
(his mom says she called it "golden surprise" when he
was younger...he ate it & like it...
until one year he figured out it really was just "squash"

hope you will enjoy some yummy fried okra soon!
sorry for the rambling post...but i sure enjoyed this walk
down memory lane with you!

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