Back Yard Adventures!

it has been really 
here lately

so the boys & i decided to
go downtown for an adventure
exploring shops 
(& for haircuts at the barber )

this is one of our favorites

it is like a museum
we could spend hours
& could spend lots of $$$
such cool stuff!

always makes me a little nervous 
with all of the breakables
makes me feel a little old
with all of the "cool old fashioned" things
lots that i actually remember using while growing up!

it is so cute to hear them say
"this place is beautiful!"

skulls, turtle shells, marbles, old cameras, gadgets, clocks,
x ray machine, printing press, old toy riding cars, 
new candles & accessories
something for everyone of all ages!

get out there explore your neighborhood today
& cool off inside while exploring ours!

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