Back Yard Adventures!

fun playing in our back yard this past weekend

we just squeezed in as much summer play as possible!
we kept reminding ourselves that school will be starting 
in about 3 weeks!

boated to one of our favorite little secluded beaches to meet friends

my dad always says he feels like he is in this movie...

when he comes for a visit  & 
we take him out on one of our adventures!

you know, i usually agree
ya never know what you will run up against out there!

this outing was pretty calm at first...

once the tide starts to go out though,
you gotta pack it up and boogy outta there!
it was pretty hairy and rough on the way home
no time to stop to document...
to busy holding on & holding my little guys in!

off to watch season premier! yahoo! 
watcha got in store tonight Don Draper???

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