this week i have been having some house fun!

we still have a few weeks until the boys start school again

to keep them from plopping down in front of the tv all day
i created a couple of new spaces for them...

rearranged the playroom a bit
& painted a magnetic chalkboard wall for them
i am not sure who loves it more...
me, them, or cookie!

saw this idea on several blogs months ago
plopped the pic into my "fun ideas" folder
i could never find out who made the one in the pic?

anywhoo...made some for us
aren't they fun?

i mentioned before that my dad (aka "Bud")
sends me a little note in the mail every month
i love to get them!
he has been sending them to me since i moved here 
for graduate school
i don't think i saved the first year or so of them
then one day i realized how priceless they were!
i have around 11 years worth now!
(yes, i went to graduate school when i was 10 ; )
he writes them on his "From...Bud" work memo paper
his notes remind me of the little book
Life's Little Instruction Book by H. Jackson Brown Jr.
don't you just love that book?

it is fun to go through them again
to share with you

print pillowcases just for fun...yes!
i love what i do & genuinely thank you for all of your support!

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