Back Yard Fun!

to help local women suffering from Ovarian Cancer
in memory of Mary Anne Mahfet & Ellen Hogan.

We had such a fun time last weekend getting ready for
& during the boys 1st lemonade stand!

Of couse with a graphic designer for a mom
first things first...

Signs & Advertising!

the next day we were all set!
we made over $300 in 4 hours!!!
They don't know the difference in a penny and $20 at this age
They just loved waving to the cars
Scooping ice
& Pouring the lemonade
All the while telling customers that we were 
"Raising money to help sick people."

I will never pass a lemonade stand again without stopping!
You know how sometimes you pass one because you literally have no coins or cash?
They would have traded for a piece of bubblegum!

Look at the disappointment...

If you are a local...
lots more Mom's Lemonade Stands
will be in business this coming Saturday!
make a kid's day 
help support a great cause
and stop at every stand that you see!

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