what kid doesn't dream of having a pony?
i know i asked for one for christmas every year 
(along with a guinea pig)
until about the 4th grade
both, which i never received...?!?
i really was good, 
(well most of the time)

i think my boys like the cowboy aspect of ponies
(stay tuned...cowboy theme is on my to-do list)

in case you are wondering (i get asked often),
 they do love to wear our BYB tees
i usually find the time seasonally 
to make them one of their choice
they are like the shoeless shoe maker's children really
the shoe maker is too busy making shoes for all of the other children,
as a friend of mine cleverly put it one day
(though, i'm not complaining!)

(and don't forget to brush your teeth!)

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Anonymous said...

We have this horse shirt and it is one of our favorites! Lots of compliments and questions about where we got it! Definitely a hit!