Happy Weekend!

still loving these guys...

so catchy & reminds me of my days & friends i met in college
while living out West one summer
such happy go lucky times doing crazy things like this...

yes, that is me
yes, i used to be crazy
yes, i did flips off of an abandoned railway bridge over "bitch creek"
in driggs, idaho

yes, it was a homemade apparatus
made by some stranger named "kiwi greg"
he lived by some friends of mine
he pulled the rusty thing & his handmade rope outta the woods
screwed it down to the bridge
(totally legal, right?)
& asked me how much i weighed
adjusted the rope accordingly
& i jumped
& did front flips
& did back flips
yes, all day long
& went back the next weekend for more
my hair actually dipped in the water!!!
and it was only like 3 feet deep!
with giant boulders and rocks on the bottom

i guess those were my days of no responsibility except
working in the little t-shirt shop during the days
(yep...that's right!...touristy tees)
& what i was to do that night
probably go out and hear some band like the one above

haddon & whit don't you ever do anything like that!!!

to a happy 
& carefree weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Those were the days - free of responsibility and appointments - but I wouldn't go back or trade what I have now for anything!