Back Yard Adventures!

for my boyfriend's (now my sweet hubby) birthday 13 years ago
(WOW! can not believe it was that long ago!!!
seems like yesterday)
i surprised him with a hot air balloon ride
it was awesome!
just beautiful!

so quiet & still & warm

we did have quite an adventurous landing
the wind carried us lots farther than planned
the helpers in a truck were on a wild goose chase for us
the ride was complete with a "bell ringing" which means
that we hit the bottom of our basket on a tree branch
& that made us swing really hard back & forth 
until our crash landing in some mean farmers field

such a neat day!
i can't wait to do it again sometime
(sans bell ringing crash landing & mean farmer)

a few months ago
i stumbled upon these cool things
sky lanterns...

how beautiful it would be to set off a bunch at the same time?
lots of mini hot air balloons
maybe for his next birthday...

here is where i found them

hope you are having a nice day!

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