Merry Christmas & Happy New 2011!!!

Top 10 Favorite Holiday Happenings (in no specific order):

1. Celebrating Christmas at home with our family
2. Watching our 5 year old build a raft that actually floats!
3. Adventures with Whit
4. Traveling, traveling, traveling to visit family & friends
(including ear ache, late starts, tire change, traffic jams & puppy dogs)
5. oyster roasts & oyster rubbers
6. A Happy New Year in Alabama!
7. A Happy 6th Camo Birthday for my baby boy!
8. Driving adventures with GiGi
(including dead battery, bad sense of direction, thing on top of car vs. low ceilings...guess who won?)
9. Kids chopped down a tree...and told the truth about it!
10. Dreaming & planning BYB's 2011!

Hope you & yours have been swell during your holidays too!
So excited to start 2011 with you!

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at your top 10 list! Can't wait to see what awesome things BYB has in store for 2011....