planes, cars, boats & bikes

such a fun & busy weekend!

flew home to Alabama to visit my mom, family & friends
& to do a Back Yard Baby show at

flew back super early on sunday to
go to a good friend's wedding on
(I'll post pics was so naturally beautiful & genuinely sweet!)

then we boated on down to St. Simons Island 
to spend last evening with my mother-in-law
& to play with the rest of the crew there!

awesome to see so many of my favorite people in 1 weekend!!!

we did a test run with our Kid Created tees
at Art in the Park.
they were a HUGE hit 
as we SOLD OUT!
the 2 original designs will be available soon in our
we have lots of fun plans for this category!
please check in often throughout the year

the original 2 designs are:
notebook page &
the little bird
kids design their own tees using these 2 printed templates
with washable markers!
each time you wash them, the image they draw erases!
they can design new ones over & over again!
so much fun!
the kids went nuts over them! : )

happy kids = a happy mother's day for me!

hope you had a great & wasp free weekend too!

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