have a dreamy weekend!

so i have been trying to get on a new healthy routine this week
early to bed & early to rise
early to the gym...
(red rooster inspired by my 2 live-in roosters...the hubs & young son...
they crow before the sun comes up just about every morning!
do you have any red roosters living in your house? 
this is one of my favorite designs...so simple, yet such a statement!
we get lots of orders for our roosters, especially on baby items : )
makes a great gift!)

it truly does feel good, once i get the toes on the floor,
but why is it so hard to peel myself out of bed??
well, i turned off that pesky alarm this morning, 
shhhhst hubs & young son
& went right back to sleepy town

this picture really has nothing to do with this post...
i took it last week at my neighbor's house
isn't it is the dreamiest image?
(that is one of their miniature donkeys in the middle background!! so cute!)
it makes me want to jump on that white horse & gallop away
to a romantic weekend
well, that won't be happening, but at least i can dream about it!
& i encourage you to do the same...
let's all donkey kick those alarm alarm clocks
get some r&r
& have a dreamy weekend!

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