happy tuesday!

or monday? or wednesday? what day is today anyway??
hope you all had a Happy 4th yesterday!!
so I guess that does make today tuesday...
long holiday weekends are awesome
but they always mix up my days for the rest of the week!

hoping you got lots of R&R!

we had a nice long family weekend at home
which always gets me thinking...

i have not done anything special for my girlfriends in so long!
& i miss them!!

so i think i will plan a small little get-together
with wine & yummies...

of course i have more fun planning the table & setting than the menu
but what-eva! the point is to catch up & have some girl time, right?

maybe my little guys (& my big guy) will help out
& be our waiters??
...hmmm, may make the evening not quite as relaxing!

...& family! it is a balancing act really & i am feeling
a little off balance right now...family & work work work
...i just need to squeeze in a little more friend time

happy tuesday!

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