Back to School!

3 frogs later
& one frog escape in the house later
they are...

i know i was wanting school to hurry up in the last post,
but i really didn't mean it whole heartedly
we now have 2 FULL TIME STUDENTS
for the first time!!!
they are getting so big!

no more rushing around every other hour to 
drop one off
or pick one up
they both start at the same time now
& end at the same time
& are there for 7 HOURS!!!
bitter sweet
don't know whether to cry
or to celebrate??
so i have done a little of both

what will i do with all that uninterrupted time!!! you may ask?
take full advantage of it!!
is ready to sprout some new grass & do some growing!!

or maybe it is time for more babies?? ; )

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! More babies????