Back Yard Bliss!

got lots of goodies to share with you today!

so i have set a new goal for myself...
to run a 5k!
i have never been a runner, but i have also never
been one to turn down a challenge
so, i have decided to do the
with the tagline of:
"run, walk, or crawl"...
at least i know that "crawling" is an option!! ; )
i also hope that my "public" declaration here,
will hold me accountable for my goal! 

starting week 2 of my morning runs today
it definitely helps that my route through the neighborhood 
is so blissful! 
decided to share some snaps with you...

gorgeous shell wreath! 
adorning front door
by our local & very talented friend Carolyn Ezelle!
Carolyn hand collects each & every shell she uses 
along the beaches of Coastal Georgia.
she creates her wreaths using a variety of different shells & patterns.
i just love this one, the pattern reminds me a a mermaid's tail!
it would make the perfect lifelong lasting gift!
not to mention, it can be hung & enjoyed year round!
Christmas, birthdays, or just because...
contact me:
for more information about how you can have 
these lovelies for yourself or for a loved one...

i just adore our neighborhood's signature concrete whitewashed fences...

ahhh...then there is this magical farm with
white horses, miniature donkeys, chickens...

next up on my route 
the studio of my uber talented artist friend
i mean, could you ask for more of a picturesque place to create?!?

one of my most treasured pieces is my Katherine Sandoz painting
"Petit Gauke Hammock"...
you gotta check out more of her beauties!...
i also her blog...always clever & inspiring!

as if that wasn't enough to keep my feet moving
next up is Dubberly's
our neighborhood stop for 
freshly caught Wild Georgia Shrimp!

& then just after snapping these is when it happened!...

i was stopped short &
that i can remember!!!
holy cow! it was awful!!!
i high tailed it home to our 
i am about one step away from being just about the most hippy momma that you may know
with my wanting my family to use 
all natural products & eat all natural foods.
i always read the entire label & 
have done lots of research over the past few years on this topic
(...don't get me started!)
The Mosquito Authority's treatments are EPA approved &
made out of the Chrysanthemum flower.
It has been proven that one would die from drinking too much water 
before they would die from drinking the Mosquito Authority's spray oz. for oz!!!

after my mosquito attack on my run this morning,
I am delighted to report that 
are our new sponsors!!!

Back Yard Baby wants YOU to safely reclaim 
your Back Yard from those ferocious mosquito creatures!
just mention Back Yard Baby 
& get 1/2 off of your first treatment!

save the runners in your neighborhood & your family &

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Anonymous said...

Mosquitoes have been terrible this season - UNTIL - we signed up for The Mosquito Authority's service! It has changed our lives . . . we are able to go outside without the fear of bites or diseases. Thank you TMA and BYB for using them as a sponsor!!!!