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Creative, energetic, optimistic, and compassionate. These are only a few of the traits that describe me, Evan Watson, Back Yard Baby’s first intern. As a rising senior at Sewanee: The University of the South with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology, this internship was a great experience for me. 
     I cherish my home town of St. Simons Island, Georgia and feel pride in my good ol’ southern ways. However, there is also a strong passion within me for traveling and experiencing diverse lifestyles. 
     In the fall of 2010 I followed my desire to travel and studied in Barcelona, Spain. I was given the opportunity to live with a Spanish family, experiencing the proud and unique culture as a part of myself. Typical of any new beginning, I was originally terrified leaving my small town ways to live in a foreign speaking city where I did not know a soul. Four months later, I felt a sense of belonging and was not ready to leave all of the connections that I had made. 
     After returning home, I craved more of that excitement, but also wanted to be near my friends and family. So, I asked Winslett, my cousin-in-law, if I could move to The Historical Savannah and assist her with BYB. She was completely open to the idea, and had me help with inventory control, customer databases, social marketing, design printing, and most importantly, keeping up with the energetic boys, who are the backbone of this clothing company. These compiled together taught me more patience, better organization, and more efficient time management than any other job ever has; I will one day need many of these skills when I pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. 
     With this opportunity, my future appears more clearly and I see that anyone can use their true passions to build a thriving company out of their own back yard. With two small boys at home whom she did not want to leave for work, Winslett confidently formed this clothing company with the guide of her strongest passions: art, computer design, childhood enjoyment, and creating happiness in all. Seeing her success has proved to me that I can take my own passions of healthy living, diverse relationships and helping others to create my own Women’s Wellness Center where I can counsel others..
     Thank you Winslett and BYB for filling my summer with exciting opportunities, self development, and mind stimulation. Working with Back Yard Baby has not only given me the satisfaction of helping a business grow and prosper; it has also allowed me to see that I must and can follow my own dreams. My future after college is a little clearer now that I’ve spent some time with you. Good luck with future success and congratulations to the next person who gets to take on this position.

We You, Evan!!!
Thanks for all of your help & hard work this summer!
We miss you already!
Winslett & all of us at

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