meet the first 3 of our

Our Back Yard Buddies are arriving
two by two & one by one!!!

we will eventually have a line of
10  Back Yard Buddies!
Our Back Yard Baby designs are coming to life!!
And we could not be more excited! : )

Our Back Yard Buddies are a handmade work of art created exclusively
 for Back Yard Baby by a talented artisan from
the good ole US of A in Charleston, South Carolina!
Your new best Buddy loves to snuggle, play & tag along with you
throughout your day!
They are created out of super soft plush fabric
and are so cuddly!
Extremely well made to last for years & years! 
(they are not personalized...but will match your
personalized tee!! : )

do you recognize our first few?...
they are based off of several of our most popular designs
for our tees & things...

they will be available soon on our site
& also in some of our shops around the country!!
a herd of our Crimson Elephants are marching off to
Tuscaloosa, Alabama next week...
just in time for Homecoming!
Rolllllll Tide Roll!!!

more Back Yard Buddies
will be arriving over the next few months!
i will keep ya posted as they crawl, swim or march in
& also when they will be available for purchase

you can't wait?!?
email us at info@backyardbaby
to order yours today! : )

& that is just 1 of the fun surprises we have in store
for you!!
keep checkin in
our Back Yard is growing! : )

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