happy weekend!

what are you up to this weekend?
we have a weekend with NO plans other than 
a couple of soccer games...
sometimes that is just the kinda weekend i need!

feeling inspired to do some home projects.

maybe some fun kid projects too.
we have 5 or so tomato cages that sadly
did not get used this year for tomatoes.
but wouldn't this be a fun & easy way to use them?...

To make one, set up the cage as shown above. 
To form the head, use duct tape to secure the rounded prongs of the cage. 
Thread the lights through the cage, and secure them with twist ties.
(could be cute for daytime sans lights too!)
For each arm, ball up two socks and duct-tape them to a stick, 
placed in the ground.
Add marker or pinned-on craft foam facial features to a white twin sheet, 
then drape it over the structure.

happy weekend!

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