this BYB Cutie, Tom Turkey, was sent to us this week...
couldn't you just gobble him up? : )

Back Yard Baby wouldn't miss this opportunity to 
for all of your kind emails, adorable pictures
& patronage this past year!
like we always say...
we love what we do, & it is only possible because of
friends like you!

with your support BYB has been able to help numerous
charities & causes throughout the year.
that really puts a big smile on our face!
it truly feels good to give & help others
through our work.

Back Yard Baby thanks you
from the bottom of our hearts
for a good harvest!
we look forward to rejoicing together tomorrow
after much hard work.
(...and also lots more hard work to come over the next month!!
a little breather will do us some good! : )

we are hopeful that our small company 
will continue to sprout new grass,
so that we will be able to keep helping
more & more pastures grow greener
through the years to come.


(p.s. still time to get those holiday orders in!! : )

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet message. It brought tears to my eyes. I think it is great that ypu give back to the community. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!