Happy Weekend!

still basking in last Monday nights GLORY!!!
you knew i was gonna bring it up sooner or later!

how fun is she...
diggin her gold boots
& her hot pinkish crimson color : )

whatcha got on your agenda this weekend?

a friend of mine just gave me this book...
started it last night.
author is talking about growing up in alabama
& sec football...all sounds very familiar!
did you watch the ESPN commercial above?
you can't make that stuff up. that's for real.
that's how it is where i am from
& i love it!

MLK holiday on Monday + long weekend
reading my new book

drinking coffee snuggled up on 
the chilly mornings ahead

catching up on thank you's

pondering this
yes, yes, yes & yes
i will take more of all of it please

figuring out tumbler & instagram.
i love how kate spade ny
snaps all of these fun, colorful pics to post
you know i am a color gal! 

& playing with my family

if it is too cold in your backyard this weekend

happy weekend!
& roll tide!

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