kiddo valentines

worked on aforementioned kiddo valentines last night
our engineer wants to give a Lego themed treat to his school friends...

Lego can actually build with!
& it tastes like yummy sweet tarts
find it at The Fresh Market

cut the trimmings for bag.
candy is small, so to fill the bags a little more 
we added shredded filler &
put a couple of paper hearts on top of filler so the candy
sits on top doesn't get too lost it the shreds

bag it up

last step still to do
add a card tag that says

"Don't lego of my heart Valentine!"

walla! cute little Lego treat for his friends

our itty bittiest wants to give his friends gum balls
stay tuned for a cute gum ball Valentine idea for boys...

have a nice day!

p.s. loving my hipstamatic iphone app!
but why doesn't hipstamatic let you upload to Pinterest
directly from your phone?

& find lots more super fun Valentine ideas here & here!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Heart Day!