BYB Arm Tees!!!

we gave a couple of our latest creations
to a good friend's daughter for her birthday yesterday.
she liked them so much that she kept one for herself! 
& i could not be happier that she did!!!

our new BYB Arm tees are for ALL to enjoy!
little girls & boys, big guys & ladies of all ages!

we have been busy around the studio lately
getting ready for a couple of local market shows

we love to not only take orders for our personalized tees,
 but also try to have a few fun items for customers to 
take home or wear from the show...
because don't we all love instant gratification?!

over the past few years we have accumulated
STACKS of tees that will never be worn...
these are test prints, mess-ups, etc.
they typically will have a child's name printed on them.
what to do with the all of these personalized, unwearable tees?? 

we have been thinking & thinking & thinking about this
so wasteful to just throw them away!
so yep, we have saved just about every one of them.

WAHLAH!!! it finally clicked!
guess where our first inspiration of making our Arm Tees came from?
Pinterest of course!
if you are familiar with Pinterest, you will probably agree
that scrolling through beautiful image, after delicious recipe
after fabulous interior design inspiration, & so on...
is not only awesome but also a great way to loose hours in your day...
if you get sucked in.

well for people like me whose brain hardly never stops 
getting excited about creating things...
i am talking ALL things...kid crafts, kid clothes, designs for logos,
dinner, interior design, decoration & renovations...i could keep going!
i have always been this way...i would set up arts & crafts booths
to sell my popsicle stick creations & other random crafts
instead of lemonade stands as a kid. 
loose screw? probably. but it is fun in my little world. i like it. : )
for me, Pinterest has been the most AMAZING inspiration resource!!
if I pin it...i will actually make-it or use that pin
as inspiration for something else that i will make, create or design
at some point.
Thank you Pinterest!!!

Our NEW BYB Arm Tees are
handmade from recycled BYB Tees...

our rad bracelets are not for sale on our site just yet.
please contact us at if you would like to 
order now. we can make that happen for you!

wrap bracelets & cuffs made from fabric, cords, rope, leather, etc
are all popping up all over the fashion map these days!
here are a few more of our design resources that
inspired our BYB Arm Tees...

what do you think?
we hope that you & yours will think they are
as much fun as we do!


Anonymous said...

Love the recycled bracelet idea! Great for all ages . . . can't wait to get one!

susan said...

I love them! How much do they cost? I want to order some for a bithday present for my niece. I know she will think they are great.