have a groovy wednesday!

just getting back from our trip to 
Jasper, Alabama where I grew up.
we had a blast!!
thanks for coming out to see us at Art in the Park!
we LOVE the event!

Led Zeppelin reminds me of driving home 
from wherever I may have been living
for about 10 years after college.

not kidding...
9 out of 10 times for 10 about years
when driving across the Warrior River Bridge
(this is just before getting to Jasper)
i would switch the radio station to ROCK 99 (99.5)
(now "The Vibe" i think?)
& it was the craziest thing
they would be playing a Led Zeppelin song
almost EVERY TIME.
always reminded me of being in high school.
good times.

since i am going down memory lane with you,
our youngest child who just turned 6
insisted on gathering all of my school yearbooks 
from kindergarten through high school from my parents' house
& bringing them home with us. 
kiddos have been going through & trying to find my pictures
& I have been reading all of the signatures 
& notes written from friends.
So fun to remember funny things we used to say & do!
me: "yes, boys...that was your AUNT who drew devil horns 
& beards on the mean teachers in MY annual, that was so disrespectful, 
wasn't it?" 
OMG...this was my 1st grade annual...
or maybe I was a little older & went back & drew that?
honestly i do not remember when,
but i do remember my best friends & i doing it together.
so bad. I hope they take after their father ; )

annuals + seeing so many friends & family from home last weekend,
i would love to rewind for a while &
savor every moment!
i know i say this a lot but
why does time seem to go by so fast?
I hope to stop & smell the roses...
well that is going to have to be another day!
so much to do, so little time ; )

off to little league baseball now...

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