life lately

how was your 4th of july?
i hope it was a happy one!!
we had a great time with friends playing at the beach,
boating, picnicking & watching fireworks.
i never want days like this to end!

how was your last week? & the week before? & the week before?
been outta touch lately with the blogosphere
& more in touch with what is the most : )
so many fun pictures & things to share that i don't know where to start
so i will just share a little from today...

since 4th of July in Savannah really starts on the 3rd of July
today has been a catch up day.
BYB work this morning
& finally got the boys' chore chart started...

they are now 6 & 7 & always want to buy things
with their own money.
so i started a $ chore chart for the first time.
they get to pick how many chores they want to do &
which ones (giving them more control instead of me giving 
orders makes them feel in charge & motivated i have discovered)
we start with a no initials each day.
each completed chore, they get their initial marked on the board & 
a quarter in their jars...
i always inspect after each chore & a couple of times they had to 
put a little more elbow grease in or fold & PUT AWAY the laundry, etc.
they were forewarned when i was explaining how the chore chart works
that if they whine or complain or do not finish a chore they started,
that would = their initial in the WHINE box of the chart
& a quarter taken away for each initial, but the chore still had to be completed

they did great! 
& it was such a BIG HELP!
they each earned $1.50 for about 2.5 hours of work
cash out Pay Day is every Friday...
if they keep it up they will be rich! & i will be a happy
less chores to do momma
(i will keep you posted if their enthusiasm wears off...
fingers crossed that it won't!)

 after lunch
we baked cookies

then it was outside time for them
they came scrambling into the kitchen for jars
and then called me out a little later to meet

(lawdy help me, please just don't make me touch them or 
get put in my hair OR worse down my shirt...
this happened one time in high school when we swam one night in our
club pool late with all of our clothes on. yes, we broke some rule i am sure...shhh!
& some of my guy friends put a giant frog down my wet shirt...
i still cringe thinking about it!
as the giant frog was trapped between my wet shirt and my skin & HOPPING!!!)

then cooled off with some ice cream

gradually they moved down to the yard & hose
& i am sure you can guess what they are doing now.

yep, grass, dirt, mud

at least i get to do a little work while they entertain themselves
& they can clean off in the pool 
at swim team practice in a bit

my life + my work = back yard baby : )


p.s. scroll back up to the Pay Day jars...
our Back Yard Baby *Calling Cards*
one of the *NEW THINGS* we will have in store for YOU soon!!
as well as lots of other fun BYB Paper items!!
sooo excited!!

p.s.s. now boys are measuring their frogs with rulers...whaaat the? boys!
& thank goodness for germ-x! ; )

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