Critters & Back Yard Baby!

my inspiration for Back Yard Baby's designs 
come straight from our life & 
literally right outta our backyard!

if you are wondering why i was absent from
our blog over the summer,
well if we weren't printing up your tees
or dreaming up *NEW* projects
then we were playing in our backyard...

bird watching is one of our favorite activities!
(remember this one?)

what an extraordinary thing we got to watch happen!!!
just down our creek way up in one pine tree was
a blue heron nest...we watched the babies hatch!

and a couple of pine trees over...
yes! i promise!...
we also got to see the babies hatch!!!
amazing to see 2 huge beautiful birds with giant nests 
living that close together &
have babies at the same time!
you should have heard all of the commotion up in the trees the few weeks
until the babies finally flew off!
bald eagles do not turn "bald" until they are about 5 years old.
below is one of the 3 babies with it's parent

bald eagles live in the same nest with the same mate for their entire adult life.
we have gotten to watch the mom & dad for about 6 years.
this is the first time we have gotten to see babies!

our Bird Watcher "keeping record"...

in our hydrangea plant we discovered this cute little nest... pretty how a few were pink & 2 were blue!

our videographer "making a documentary of the mama bird
& the eggs"...

when they finally hatched
i was in love with this one's little bouffant!... : )

this beautiful weirdo blue heron probably would have let me touch him...
NOT scared of people.
but we were kinda scared of him...
yep, we all love birds around here.

butterflies! this one was a big 6 or so inches across & gorgeous!...

fishing is a big hobby of the boys.
i will have to share their bamboo cane poles they made last week another time.
they are pretty fancy for a homemade cane pole!

(does this kinda make you cringe or what??? it does me!!!)

this guy was completely mesmerizing to me!
he lives at our local little aquarium.
i can't believe it took me 14 years of living here to go!
it is so cool & the kids loved it!
this octopus was in constant motion.
he was amazing to me...

can't go to the beach
without stopping at the big shark store

escaped from the boys' house they made for it 
after just 1 night...

DINOSAURS came to Savannah!...
(we have a *NEW* dino design that will available online soon!!!
can't wait for you to see it!)

our puppy critters are always around
(sometimes, like in this case, they probably wish they weren't ; )
goldie grew some eyebrows!...

OK, so the boys latest fascination is that show
(please check out the link above?!?
yep. this is their most favorite new person. lovely.)

thanks to "the turtle man" & his side kick "the hog man"
this is how my new 2 little "coon men"
have spent the last 5 mornings...

catching COONS!
they have used almost all of our dog food
making trails leading to this cage they found in their Dad's 
tools & man stuff.
it doesn't hurt the racoon, just traps them inside.
isn't he cute??? ...

but you know they do carry rabies
so we do not touch them.
the boys help their Dad drive them out to a forest and release them
on the way to school.

come on over to our Back Yard!
we have got plenty to share...

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