My 1st Tee

...16 years ago
I was elected to be in charge of my sorority's tee designs & sales 
for parties & special occasions.
Above was the first t-shirt I ever designed!
I was learning the computer program Freehand in a 
graphic design class when I designed this.
The colors & white carnations are all symbolic to Chi Omega.

I was so excited that people actually bought my designs &
even more excited when I would see them wearing them around!
 a career was born : )
I began designing shirts for other music festivals & 
things around Tuscaloosa also.

Funny that I still enjoy drawing with a similar computer program, Illustrator.
The style of the design above is basically the same as my Back Yard Baby designs!

I will have to dig up some more of my 1st tees from those years 
to share with you.
Fun times! 
(& can't believe I do not have an Owl design for BYB! on the to-do list!)

Yoda Vida! Voda Vida!

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