Thanks to You

Please click on the letter above that Back Yard Baby 
received recently for a larger view.
A great example of the many reasons that we
want to continue to build upon the fundraising facet of
We have raised & donated thousands of dollars to numerous schools,
foundations, charities & non profits nationwide.
Fundraising is an area that I greatly enjoy doing & 
find very fulfilling.

I often wonder if Back Yard Baby would be more effective in adopting
just 1 or 2 programs to sponsor. 
But there are so many out there that greatly need support!
Just like each of you,
there are many that are important to me because of personal reasons.
How in the world would we ever be able to 
narrow it down to just 1 or 2?
We have decided to continue letting each of you
help us to decide who to help.

Listed below are just some of the programs that we have 
raised funds for over the past few years:

American Red Cross
Susan B. Komen for the Cure
Juvenile Arthritis Programs
Telfair Museum of Art
St. Steven's Community House
Historic Savannah Foundation
Mom's Lemonade Fund
St. Joseph's Candler Leukemia Cup Regatta
...numerous schools nationwide
...numerous churches nationwide
...many individual funds helping with the vast expenses
 of a life threatening condition

Do you have a fundraising need?
Back Yard Baby has several different ways of helping with fundraisers.

Please email me at with details
regarding your fundraising need.
We would love to help!


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