Back Yard Baby: Trick-or-Treat

October is here!

Around our house it is the start of my
3 month holiday decorating-a-rama...
& I love it!
Yesterday our boys begged me to get out our
"Halloween ornaments."
I think they are mushing together their
decorating terms a little...
I am just happy they get into the seasons 
just like their mama!

I save lots of the holiday crafts that they make each year. 
They love to remember how old they were,
when & where they made them.

This year by the time I came down from our attic,
the boys had already unpacked all of the boxes &
had most of the stuff displayed where they thought was best.

A few of my favorite things...

Thanks to my oldest little 2nd grade "engineer"...
our old white paper lantern ghost were assembled,
with changed out batteries,
replaced bulbs,
the old tissue paper with 
marker drawn ghost faces were back on &...


(a little help from me with the white satin bows)

This sock bat is one of my favorites...

I found Mr.Bones
lounging on our front porch this morning...

My decorating time was cut in half this year 
thanks to my enthusiastic helpers!

BYB's fun "Kid Created" tees...
Kids get to design their own tees!
Each time you wash, the color magically disappears 
but the outline stays.
Kids get to design their tees over & over!

Head on over to our Back Yard
for more Halloween fun!

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