home sweet home

My boys have had lots of boy time lately while I have been traveling 
to & fro.
They "messaged" me with this picture and a note that said
"don't you miss this?"
I laughed hysterically, because I actually did miss it!
Do you live in a house full of boys?
If so, I bet you can relate! 
As long as these don't come inside and I don't have to touch them 
(not the boys, the green critters!)...
aren't they just a teeny bit cute?
Or maybe it is my boys that are cute because they 
get so excited about their little critter friends

On that note, we have a new little Back Yard Baby addition to the fam
And she is a girl!!! Not what you may be thinking...
she is furry and has a tail
Stay tuned for more on this! : )