meet goldie

on tuesday afternoon, this little doggie happened to be
zig zagging in and out of traffic as we were driving down a busy road.
without thinking, i stopped, turned around, got her to come to me
realized she had no collar
knocked on the door of the sketchy near by house
no answer (even though the car was in the drive)
put her back in our car
realized she was infested with fleas larger than i knew existed
started driving for our vet
talked into making a detour to the Humane Society
ended up at Animal Control (yikes!)
left her there
continued on the lunch date planned previously
thought of her the whole time
went back to Animal Control to take pictures to hang "found this doggie" signs
could not leave her there (scary & stinky place!)
was "given" her by Animal Control
named her Goldie
took her to vet
admittingly had fallen in love from minute one
found out her treatments would be more expensive than
the pure bred dog I thought I had wanted for years
 but she is so cute!
"goldie", we can't wait for you to come home tomorrow!!!
(please don't end up being a yippee ankle skratcher!)