Back Yard Adventures!

yes, we had a weekend full of Back Yard adventures
this past weekend!

we decided to go out for a little boat ride
& picnic dinner late friday afternoon

we picked this really pretty 
little barrier oyster shell island just off of our coast

weather looked stormy, but blew past
& created beautiful light just before dusk

our boys discovered our local "pluff mud!"
on their own little adventure, 
of course they did not mind us when we said
"stay out of the mud!"
both boys each lost a shoe,
they got suctioned off of their feet
& now live on the island somewhere buried in the mud!

this made for a whiney evening
as the island has a sharp shell covered beach!

Snakes & Snails & puppy dog tails...
yes, that is what little boys are made of
(boys & puppy dog boys!)

muddy boys & a muddy dog...

a delicious crab leg & corn dinner
(& a cold beer)
made it all good! ; )

(& should also be a Yummy!)