Back Yard Adventures!

we boated up & down the intracoastal waterway 
last saturday & sunday
many mini adventures were had along the way

cast netting for some bait fish...

(love how one of our little fishermen does the 
lazy man fishing while floating on his back!)

both boys caught their 1st fish on the ocean waters...
baby SHARKS!!!

yes, for real!
they may be little
but this pic gives me the creeps!

after a long day of fun in the sun
we got caught in a lightening storm
& took cover in a newly discovered
yummy marina restaurant...

thank goodness for lollipops!
3 hours in a restaurant = antsy little boys
lollipops can get you a good 20 minutes
of peace ; ) never leave home without them!

(green text = away!)

sharks, sand bars & lightening OH MY!
there's no place like home!