science fair project for our kindergartner...
"marsh habitat"

he grew his own marsh for display
& focused on the theme of...
"personal observation & preservation"

his observation as stated on the white paper in the middle of the board...

Things that liv in the marsh
red fish

: )

this child has LOVED trash trucks & 
has said since he was about 2 years old that 
when he grows up he
"wants to be a trash truck driver."

every year his reason for wanting to be 
a trash truck driver changes a little:
• the first year he created a very elaborate truck
in his very imaginative description of it.
it did all kinds of things and looked all kinds of ways &
in the end of his story it always converted 
into a jet a flew into outer space
• the next year his truck converted the trash into fuel for the truck
• this year he wants to recycle the trash to make "cool stuff" out of it

i think this kid is on to something BIG
those are all great ideas don't you think??
"as long as you are happy"
i always say : )

SO anyway, of course for his Marsh Habitat project,
he added a trash component into it with 
he picked up trash out of our marsh & 
we researched how other people can help with this too...

my biggest inspiration is definitely
my kiddos!

(trash truck design coming one of these days soon!!!
along with the very frequently customer requested dinosaur design!)

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