such a busy time a year!
super busy with school.
field trips, class parties
& science projects, etc...

our little robot engineer is 5 years old!
and his "Mr. Fixit" turned out super cool
for his pre-k science fair!
we gathered everything from home,
other than the arms & some wire that we
got from the hardware store...

our other little robot engineer drew this design for BYB
about a year ago...
(he gets a commission from every tin man design that is sold!)

& who hasn't wished they had a Rosie at one time or another??...
(Rosie from the Jetsons)

i guess we are all a little fascinated & inspired 
by the idea of robots around here!
right now would be a great time for a real BYB robot assistant
to help out!!!
busy, busy, busy!

let us inspire you today!

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