blog ♥ & happy weekend!

signing off a little early this week!
lots going on
which leads me to introduce the topic for this post...

blog ...
if you are a blog fanatic like me,
you are probably already familiar with joanna goddard's popular blog.
as a young mom & professional magazine writer,
she writes about a wide variety of topics
from pop culture to family to travel
& almost anything in between.

i hope that you will enjoy her recent series on
joanna invited a handful of popular bloggers & business ladies who
work part- to full-time for themselves from home, 
and are married with young children.
and asks them basically
how to you dot it all?
how do you organize your life from day to day?

it has been very interesting & encouraging for me!
as I was just writing about my balance being off the other day,
it is nice to read that i am not alone in the daily juggle.

as a working mom with small children,
my schedule changes wildly from day to day!
maybe one of these years i will be able to get on a regular routine?
my day starts at a different time each day:
• 5:00am this day, 8:00am that day, 6:30am, etc... 
basically the later that i can sleep the better!

...but then there are less hours in my day to accomplish "the list."
for me, i seem to get more accomplished starting out each day by
writing down a list of 
• what i want to accomplished:
"clean! is always on the list. i should start writing fold laundry!
bikram yoga, jog, pay bills, etc (...all of the not fun stuff for sad)."
• BYB work:
"order inventory, print production, work on new designs, call so & so, email so & so" etc.
• i jot down things we may need:
 "milk, bread, laundry detergent..."
• sometimes i plan out a weekly dinner plan 
& list all groceries that we will need. i may print this out to help:
• i try to include not only the "necessary" things
but also "fun" things that i may want to do or to get on my list:
"paint hallway (...interior design is a BIG hobby. love it!), water plants,
work on flower window boxes, call so & so, write so & so a note & mail it, take boys to the pool, 
teach boys how to tie shoes, plan dinner with friends, date with hubs, 
check out knew books for boys at the library...yes we 
have made BIG progress from these days!!"
• daily appointments, practices, scheduled things:
"hair-cuts, swim team practice, dentist, meeting, kid drop off or pick up, 
things off of the calendar, etc."

it is a rambling list that typically starts with order but ends up 
more like a jot it down when thought of list
that gets added to each day & takes about a week to scratch 
everything (or almost everything) off.
but it feels so good to see the whole thing scratched off 
(when that actually happens!)
i just squeeze all of the things in whenever i can find time 
throughout the day,
which usually ends around midnight.

after writing this post,  i want to move to costa rica
& give "list making" to the birds!!
"See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin."
i love that one from Matthew 6:28
do you think a lily can grow on the beach in a hammock??

happy weekend!!
p.s. i would love to hear how you "do it all!"

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