my latest "from...Bud" came in the mail last week.

i guess my mom & dad have always tried to instill a
hard working virtue in me.
one of my first gifts that i can remember getting on Christmas 
was this little school desk.
my sister & i thoroughly entertained ourselves & "worked very hard"
 at squeezing my hamsters
through that little ink well hole over & over!
not sure that is what our parents had in mind for the desk.
but we sure did seem to find that to be fun!
kids can be kinda weird what they find to be interesting, can't they?
poor Lolly & Dolly! (...the hamsters...don't worry they survived)

now this little desk is in my kids' playroom.
and now our youngest little boy is 
begging for a hamster!!
i don't think i am as brave as i was when i was 5 at handling 
small squirmy rodent (and reptile!) critters...
makes me cringe a little just to think of it.
but i do think they are kinda cute to look at 
(...ok, maybe i am still a little weird? : )
so, i told him that if he saved his piggy bank money he could buy one
and only if he would be responsible for taking care of it.
he has been "working extra hard" at feeding and 
giving water to our dogs all summer
to prove that he can handle the responsibility.
he has also worked hard & saved enough money now for 
the super duper cage that he picked out,
(lemonade stand + allowance from his chores + some he had saved)
complete with the hamster racetrack that comes with a hamster race car
that will roll around the track! yikes! what have i created?!
guess the apple does not fall far from the tree, as they say!

well, at least he is getting a "hard work" lesson instilled in him, right?

you gotta work hard for what you want in life.
and anything that is worth doing takes a lot of effort!
that is how we feel here at Back Yard Baby!
thanks, Bud! we gotta get back to work

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Marlene Masters said...

Saw this on Robin's Chicks. Came over and love your clothes. My first granddaughter (due in November) would look amazing in your shirts. Will be back to keep check on. Thank you.
Marlene Masters