Happy Birthday!

our baby turned "officially" 6 on Monday!
(thank goodness he only used that tongue for catching snowflakes
& did not try out the old "metal pole theory!!")

i can not believe it
why does time go so fast?
each day...faster & faster!
do you think so?

we had a birthday party for him a week or so early
on our Spring Break trip with family.
kinda a surprise...even though he told us that is what he 
wanted to do for his birthday this year.
we set up a little "apre ski" party for him, & my sis-in-law,
whose birthday is also this week.

he has been "really into" the titanic for the last 6 weeks or so.
for various reason starting from his big brother.
one of his gifts was a BYB tee (well, of course!)
with his very on drawing of the titanic on front...
he comes home from school with these drawings daily!
on back the tee says

(no, he has not seen the Leonardo DiCaprio movie
but still a great quote for a birthday tee none-the-less
don't you think?)

: )

the day before his "real" birthday
he had a great day of playing outside, no rushing here and there.
he started noticing all of our Spring birds throughout the day.
he declared that afternoon,
 " Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up!"...

"A Bird Watcher!"

too cute! i asked if I could be one with him : )
we decided to make these cute birds' nest treats for him to take for a
special class school treat for his "real" birthday the next day...

i saw this fun recipe a couple of days before on Pinterest.
it was a perfect fit for his new interest!
(be sure to follow the link on right column, 
if you are "into Pinterest" or if you want this recipe!)

you inspire us more than you know, everyday!


Alonna said...

I LOVE the t shirt his brother designed for him! How cute!! I also love the fact that you can actually make a recipe from Pinterest and it turned out that cool! What an awesome idea! Tell Whit happy birthday from us! Would love to see you this summer if you come to Jasper. If you come out and visit your mom please call me and the boys can swim together and make friends! :)

Winslett said...

Thanks Alonna! We would love to come swim & play with you & Atticus when in Jasper. Usually it is a whirl wind of a trip when home...but I hope we can come for an extended visit this summer sometime. I'll definitely be in touch if so! Great to hear from you! xo