sooo happy that it is Friday!

been dragging all week...
must be from traveling 28+ hours or 
from my mild concussion that I got on our trip?! 
probably both.

above is a little preview from our Spring Break trip : )
we had a little family birthday for our kiddo & my sis-in-law.
kiddo's official birthday is on Monday...
he thinks his birthday lasts the entire month of March!!
he actually asked me where his
"happy birthday" sign was when he woke up on March 1.
i think i will make the entire month of May my birthday this year...
the kid is on to something!



Anonymous said...

kids are way smarter than we give them credit for! i think i will make april my birthday month too!

susan said...

Sorry to hear about your concussion---glad you are fine now. Cute picture of kiddo in the snow.