leprechauns & rainbows

a couple of weeks before St. Patrick's Day,
a friend & I made a fun holiday craft with
the kids at school.

A Leprechaun Trap!

above is the sample I made to take for the kids to see
what their finished product would look like 
we only had an hour...so in the midst of the chaos,
I did not get to snap any pics of the kids in action.
you can imagine cotton stuffing everywhere!
trying to get each kid's hanger bent just right so the trap 
would stand and hold the fishing line, etc.
not to mention the snack of Lucky Charms cereal that 
was all over the floor too!!
it was a fun day!

you can get the steps basically from the pics above.
here are a few additional details:
• use packing tape to stick the green grass poster board to the bottom of the hanger.
• use packing tape to stick the rainbow to the vertical part of the hanger.
• bend the top of hanger to almost 90 degrees and close it to form a loop.
• hot glue fishing wire to top of a plastic basket with slits around the sides.
(I got baskets from Wal-Mart)
• cut the fishing wire long enough to go through the hanger loop. 
down & around back of rainbow,
through the arch of rainbow,
and held by the pot of gold.
• pull cotton stuffing through the slits of plastic basket
• when the leprechaun picks up the pot of gold, 
the cloud basket falls & traps him

there you have it!

leprechauns can not resist rainbows or gold!
if you catch one, they must reveal where their stash of gold is hidden!

we kept our trap out for 2 weeks.
"Lucky" the leprechaun was never actually caught...
he was somewhat of a rascal.
he left our boys silly notes, took one piece of gold at a time
& replaced the gold with chocolates!
when we returned from our trip last week,
the boys found a Smurf figurine under the trap & all of the gold was gone! : )

we saw this beautiful rainbow on our way home on 
St. Patrick's Day!
I am sure that Lucky found a GIANT pot under it!! : )

have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a beautiful rainbow.